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Alpha is India’s advanced EdTech organisation evolved to nourish fundamental roots of the education envisioned by virtue of revolutionary Digital and classical approach of learning. It redefines the tenets of competitive guidance of offline teaching in schools by providing "PATHSHALA", a digital way of learning, making schools competition ready.

Our dedication, determination, diligence and consistent support of students and their guardians have catapulted us as a force to reckon within the field of pre engineering, medical and high school.

We provide services to reform the paradigm shift in favour of quality in place of quantity in the arena of the competitive field to make students intellectual. Our efforts in empowering traditional teaching by evolving the new way of teaching with adaptation of learning skills of every student.

We combine top-notch subject mentors AB-IHE Alphabeta's In House Experts, Adoptable learning content, robust technologies, personal kind approach of mentoring by motivation for outcome of best from students.

Our mission to model the path of success of students by transforming ‘academic burden’ to ‘scholastic gladden’.

Alphabeta is in this realm of education striving to serve:

Enhancing smart learning with practical approach using modest digital technology.

Singular platform for competitive and academic excellence.

Educate and enlighten the students about their academic endurance.

Enriching academics with PATHSHALA and accelerating rehearsal through e-GYAN.

Support students in planning their academics and remedial schedule.

Supporting the development of curriculum according to NEW EDUCATION POLICY.

Making school partners EdTech savvy by online tools and teaching with visual aids.

Last the very important one MOTIVATION LECTURES for shaping students for their better tomorrow.

We Take Care Of Your Careers Do Not Worry

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